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Special functions: AAL and Automation…

Here a list of functions and functionalities that arose by working with partner companies. Please contact us if you are planning to use a similar application.

Operation of wheel chairs and Smarthomes per smartglasses

An extremely helpful synergy arose from the cooperation with Fa. Munevo. The company is specialized in operating wheel chairs for people who are completely paralyzed. Only small head movements enables to control the motorized wheel chair.

In addition to locomotion, home automation is now also integrated via the realKNX Server. The Smart-glasses enables to choose home automation functions which are displayed on a window. Small head movements allow to navigate through the menu and to trigger the KNX functions.

In addition at home it is also possible to trigger the functions by voice.

In a further development step the use of realKNX Augmented Reality with the glasses is planned. By simply aiming at a device, the function is already selected and then will be triggered by a head movement.

Connection of Keba car charging stations to KNX

Using a proprietary communication protocol, the KEBA charging station enables relevant charging data to be read out and the station to be controlled, e.g. by specifying the maximum charging current.

An application of the realKNX server establishes the data connection between the station and the KNX bus. This allows load management at KNX level that takes into account the reference current from the grid, the charging capacity of the photovoltaic system as well as the state of charge of the energy storage device in order to determine the target charging capacity for the car.

Up to 10 charging stations can simultaneously be operated by the realKNX Server.

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