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realKNX Product Family

realKNX is a complete system to visualize and control a KNX installation and allows voice control without any cloud services. The configuration is done through an ETS product database without any third party software. That means the configuration Visualization, Voice Control, Logical Functions and Augmented Reality is automatically loaded from proServ in run-time.

realKNX not only supports the popular online voice assistants but also Snips. Snips is an offline voice assistant which runs on the device and thus guarantees your privacy. In addition, it is easier and quicker to install compared to other systems.

Here an overview of the offered products and functionnalities


Aragon enables offline voice control from a flush mounted box. Due to its size Aragon is compatible with most of the switch fronts in 55×55 mm. Aragon supports all these functions:

  • Offline voice control with Snips
  • First AI based voice control device for home automation which fits in a flush mounted box
  • Connected through PoE
  • Visual programming with Node-RED
  • Compatible with the Smart Visu Server from Jung
  • Voice commands are only processed locally
  • Unrestricted vocabulary is learned dynamically via the AI of the software
  • Automatic reading of the system configuration of a server for visualization

Aragon is available in two versions:

  • Aragon Base can be supplemented with Aragon Satellite and realKNX Satellite
  • Aragon Satellite is compatible with all our servers (Aragon Base, realKNX Air and O-two)

realKNX O-two

realKNX O-two server is a smart speaker and microphone unit. The device is intended to be installed in ceilings or walls for voice control without any cloud services. Together with KNX-proServ it is the ideal solution for hotel rooms, conference centers and yachts. realKNX O-two supports all these functionalities:

  • Offline Voice Control (no internet connection required)
  • Works with Snips and Siri
  • Visual programming with Node-RED
  • Includes IoT and communication protocols
  • Scheduler, automatic data logging and graphs, web and app UI, augmented reality and more…

The realKNX O-two package is composed of two units, a speaker and microphone with integrated server and a KNX-proServ.

More info realKNX O-two

realKNX O-two is now compatible with the Smart Visu Server from JUNG. As soon as both devices are connected to the same network the O-two reads out automatically the building structure and the functions from de SV-Server from Jung.

More info about realKNX O-two for Smart Visu Server from JUNG

realKNX Air

In addition to the functionalities mentioned above realKNX Air also support Google Home and Alexa as well as remote connection. Moreover, this solution is ideal for home automation, you can use different assistants in the same installation. For voice control with Snips you will need a realKNX Satellite.

The realKNX package is composed of a server and a proServ.

More info – realKNX Air

realKNX Satellite

realKNX Satellite is the table unit for offline voice control with Snips. The advantage of this product is that each device can be parameterized for its room, so that only the space-related commands for light, shutters and heating are understood, without having to spell the room name. realKNX Satellite can be used as a extension for a realKNX Air or a realKNX O-two installation.

The realKNX Satellite is composed of a Jabra speaker/microphone and an Ethernet adapter.

More info – realKNX Satellite


The centralized configuration of the building structure is done at only one point by means of an ETS product database. KNX proServ alone may perform the following missions:

  • Visualization through apps (iOS and Android)
  • Communication with media controller (RTI)
  • KNX programming interface

More info – proServ

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