Smarty-Vox Starter Kit: Mic + Gateway

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Smarty-Vox in English will be made available shortly, please contact for details.

realKNX enables voice control with the popular voice assistants Siri, Alexa and Google Home. These are extremely powerful and work reliably if an internet connection is available for installation.

Except for the cases of missing Internet (yachts & ships), there are also a number of “sensitive” installations where great importance is attached to ensuring that the voice data does not leave the room. These include e.g. Conference rooms or hotel rooms.

In order to meet these requirements, our products now also enable offline voice control without any “cloud”.

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How the offline voice control works

Smarty-Vox consists of one or more intelligent microphones that themselves perform the interpretation of the spoken words. The microphones are connected to Ethernet via a Z-Wave Gateway.

Smarty-Vox also has keywords that allows the device to wake up to interpret and execute the subsequently spoken commands.
The keywords are:
  • To be defined

There are approx. 20 predefined commands (To be defined, example commands)
  • I’m home
  • I’m leaving
  • Switch Living room
  • Switch kitchen
  • Switch dining room
  • Switch hallway
  • Switch bedroom
  • Switch kids room
  • Switch garden
  • Switch driveway
  • Turn off the light
  • Switch music
  • Close shutters
  • Open shutters
  • Activate cozy
  • Activate dinner
  • Activate reception
  • Help!

Please note: The language sentence can not be edited at the moment. However, any functions of light, blind, scenes, media command or combinations thereof may be associated with a voice command.

The “Switch …” commands are toggle commands. (for example, when the state is OFF, a scene is activated when ON state is activated OFF the light circuits)

Smarty-Vox Mikrofon


Smarty-Vox Z-Wave Gateway



The following connections are available for operating Smarty-Vox:

  • Operation via the realKNX v2
    This operating mode enables the integration of the KNX installation. The KNX functions are assigned to the command graphically via the Node-RED Editor. The setup is fully integrated with realKNX v2 and requires only a few simple steps:  video
  • Operation via the realKNX v1 (Synology)
    This operating mode enables the integration of the KNX installation. The KNX functions are assigned to the command graphically via the Node-RED Editor.  Using Smarty-Vox with realKNX v1 (Synology)
  • Operation only via the realKNX v2 server
    For use as a controller for any device connected via Node-RED.
  • Operation via the RTI media controller
    An RTI driver enables easy integration of voice commands and converts them as RTI events. Thus, all devices, functions, macros configured via RTI can be executed

You can assign multiple microphones to a Z-Wave Gateway. So it is certainly possible to place several microphones in one room.

The Z-Wave devices (microphone and gateway) are delivered ready configured. Unlike cloud-based systems, no additional device setup is necessary. Only the assignment of the functions to the commands must be carried out.

Operation with realKNX v2 Server

Operation with RTI Media controller


Components and Prices

The following devices are offered. Please ask for larger quantities or language sentences.

  • Smarty-Vox Starter KIt

Consisting of 1 x microphone and 1 x Z-Wave Gateway fully configured

225,- Euro + 20% VAT
  • Smarty-Vox additional microphone

1 x Microphone ready to use

60,- Euro + 20% VAT




Additional information

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Dimensions 10 × 10 × 2 cm