realKNX Air Satellite bundle

1,720.00  1,430.00  ( 1,430.00  excl. tax /// 1,716.00  incl. tax)

Buy a realKNX Air and a realKNX Satellite, get the second Satellite for free!

  • Ideal as first purchase.
  • Allows you to start equipping your home with voice control at a lower cost.
  • Voice control with Snips.
  • Ability to add Google Home, Alexa or Siri to this installation.
  • Only Snips can work completely offline and can thus guarantee your privacy.
  • The Satellite can be configured for a specific room which facilitates the controls because it will not be necessary to say the name of the room to control the equipment.

For more information about the realKNX Air, which is composed of a Server and a proServ, click here.

For more information about the realKNX Satellite, which is composed of a speaker/microphone Jabra Speak 410 and an Ethernet adaptor, click here.


You can install Google Home in the kitchen so you can access recipes online quickly and easily, but have a satellite in the living room and dining room because you want to preserve your privacy and that no one can record what you say.

With realKNX Air you are not limited to only one assistant, you can combine them as much as you want.