realKNX Satellite – Speaker Microphone for realKNX Air and realKNX O-two

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realKNX Satellite: Speaker Microphone for desktop usage (Jabra Speak 410) with USB to Ethernet Adapter

Input device for the offline voice control with realKNX Air or realKNX O-two.

First time usage:

  • Connect the Jabra Speaker Microphone USB cable to the Ethernet Adapter
  • Connect Ethernet cable to the Ethernet Adapter
  • Connect the Ethernet Adapter power cord
  • From realKNX UI , find & configure the adapter:
    • set the Room where it will used (optional, recommended)
    • fine tune the sensitivity of the mike (optional)
    • setup a Wi-Fi network (optional)
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Smart speaker with Ethernet adapter for Snips


  • Built-in omni-directional microphone
  • 360 degree coverage – hear and be heard from all angles
  • Digital signal processing (DSP ) technology
  • Crystal clear sound without echoes or distorted sounds even at maximum volume level
  • Wideband audio/HD Voice
  • High-quality audio for the best possible sound

Ease of use

  • LED indicators


  • Speaker Microphone : USB cable
  • USB to Ethernet Adapter: Ethernet Wired or Wireless connection

USB – Ethernet/Wifi adapter for Jabra Speak