realKNX Satellite

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Speaker Microphone for desktop usage (Jabra Speak 410) with USB to Ethernet Adapter

Input device for the offline voice control with realKNX Air or realKNX O-two.

One of the following products is required to operate the realKNX Satellite:

Click here for a tabular overview of the possible combinations

As soon as one of these servers is in the same network, the realKNX Satellite is automatically configured. Additional satellites can be used in different rooms. The only manual configuration is to set the room where the satellite is located.

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Smart speaker with Ethernet adapter for Snips


  • Built-in omni-directional microphone
  • 360 degree coverage – hear and be heard from all angles
  • Digital signal processing (DSP ) technology
  • Crystal clear sound without echoes or distorted sounds even at maximum volume level
  • Wideband audio/HD Voice
  • High-quality audio for the best possible sound

Ease of use

  • LED indicators


  • Speaker Microphone : USB cable
  • USB to Ethernet Adapter: Ethernet Wired or Wireless connection

USB – Ethernet/Wifi adapter for Jabra Speak