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Node-RED App Library

Build your own Applications with Node-RED. You may think of this Node-RED App Library as a collection of recipes. Each app/recipe lists the ingredients and how to use them.

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Quick start by downloading our ready-to-use Node-RED flow examples. Configure your devices and publish – it really is that easy, even better, it requires no programming skills. Follow this step-by-step video which explains how to download and import. Important information to know:

  • The apps are free to download and use for our customers.
  • The apps run locally in your realKNX mini server, not in the cloud.
  • Backup your work regularly from realKNX menu ‘More | Download flows.json’
  • If an App has ‘Required nodes’, install the node(s) from realKNX Node-RED menu ‘Manage Palette | Install’
  • The source code to all apps are available at github:
  • We would love it if you share your Apps with the community: either create a pull request or simply email to

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Custom media control - Sony Bravia TV
This post explains how to implement voice control for a Sony Bravia TV
Learning - Calculations
This flow demonstrates how to do some calculations with the function node.
Learning - Time based logic with dusk, dawn, day and night
This flow demonstrates how to make a scene which acts differently depending on day or night.
This flow uses amongst all:
- Big Timer
- realknx-in/out
Smart Senior Living
Smart Senior Living - Automatic Stove Shut Off
Once you power on your stove, the motion sensor goes into action, watching for movement in the cooking area. If no movement is detected, it will start counting down and turn the power to the stove if nobody returns to the kitchen within that pre-set time.
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