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Machine Learning based Motion Anomaly Software for AAL – White Paper


The percentage of elderly in the general population is predicted to steadily augment in the near future, and life expectancy to lengthen. There is a growing concern for the safety of this growing elderly population living alone as they become more frail. As a consequence, the importance of developing alternative options to allow the elderly to remain in their homes for extended periods of their lives is an issue that must be addressed urgently.

With these factors in mind, ProKNX developed Aragon in 2019. The original smart speaker automates daily tasks like control of lighting, heating, and blinds with everyday language commands. It can therefore be easily adopted and used by older people, even those with little exposure to technology. To utilize the extra capabilities of Aragon and take the level of care the smart speaker can offer to a higher level, research was carried out to link the assistant to inexpensive motion detectors. Using the data collected from these detectors, ProKNX found that Aragon could successfully analyse and predict daily routines of the user by using Machine Learning based Motion Anomaly Software.

If an anomaly was perceived, the smart speaker can ask confirmation from the user. If no reply is received, it can send a call for help to a nominated person.

Download your free copy of the white paper here:

ML based Motion Anomaly Software for AAL White Paper PDF

Watch this short video on how Aragon Companion uses Machine Learning based Motion Anomaly Software to make life at home safer and more comfortable for seniors and frail people.