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realKNX: Software update v4.3.10

The new update for realKNX is not mandatory and is only useful if you’re interested in the new features and improvements. This version v4.3.10 replaced the previous update v4.2.7 which doesn’t exist anymore.

Changes & new features for Snips

 Snips voice Functions for the private home automation

  • Ask for the Wi-Fi name and password – by voice.
  • Mute by voice – realKNX will stop listening until it is unmuted – by voice.
  • Enable and disable sound confirmation after hotword – by voice.
  • Set the volume of the speaker and/or the audio system – by voice.
  • Ask for current Date and Time – by voice.
  • Set an alarm – by voice.

Snips voice functions for hospitality

  • Hospitality mode isn’t included in standard home version – ask for quote.
  • Internet search by voice: POI and weather forecast.
  • Activation and deactivation of the “do not disturb” mode by voice.
  • Activation and deactivation of the “make up my room” mode by voice
  • Possible to ask for the current adress
  • Set the Snips voice language, voice and room name from KNX by button. Optionally activate demo mode after language change, this mode is only available with realKNX O-two, see featured video:

This video demonstrates the demo mode: realKNX O-two is speaking out voice commands to “itself” in order to demonstrate how to use Snips. The demo mode is fully customizable.


  • Snips: Improved the understanding and stability of the Home Automation voice commands in all three languages (en, fr, de).
  • Dashboard – Full-screen fixed, stopped working in Firefox after an update.
  • O-two, visual feedback with blue & white Leds: worked on stability.
  • No-Internet mode – improvements in the main realKNX and Snips dialog.
  • Snips: Added support for 4ByteSigned and 2-byte float sensor function code ’52’ & ’54’

For more information about the new update for realKNX and its instructions click here!

realKNX Air:

realKNX Air
realKNX O-two