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Project Connected Home over IP

ProKNX welcomes the initiative from Amazon, Apple, Google, and the Zigbee Alliances to develop and promote a new, royalty-free connectivity IP-based standard for Homes! What is it? Project Connected Home over IP is a new Working Group that plans to develop and promote the adoption of a new, royalty-free connectivity standard to increase compatibility among smart home products, with security as a fundamental design tenet. The official project site: Project Connected Home over IP

Press Release : “ProKNX Launches Aragon, a Unique, Offline Voice Control System for Homes “

ProKNX Announces the World’s First Wall-Mounted Voice Control System, Compatible with Major Home Automation Systems; Privacy Guaranteed. SOPHIA ANTIPOLIS, France, December 3, 2019 ( – ProKNX, a French startup specialized in home automation systems, announced another world’s first today, with the development of Aragon. Aragon is a unique product in this area; it is the first internet-free voice assistant, fitting into a flush-mounted box. With an existing compatible home automation system in place, the user would typically install one Aragon device in each room where voice control is desired. Aragon is part of the product line that works with Snips […]

Sonos + Snips = true

Snips has joined forces with Sonos to create even better products and experiences. We are convinced that the Snips/Sonos constellation will bring new interesting possibilities.

Meet us

At Light and Building in Frankfurt 8-13 March 2020 More information are coming soon We were At the Swissbau in Basel 14-18 January 2020, presenting our latest innovation, Aragon. At the IFA in Berlin 6-11 September 2019, at the KNX Professionnals booth and at the e-Haus of ZVEH. What will be present? We will be with e-Haus on IFA and Light and Building. In the “House of Smart Living” of the ZVEH, five rooms are equipped with our speakers/microphones. In addition to the basic functions for controlling light, blinds and temperature, snips is used to operate the television and the […]

realKNX: Software update v4.3.10

The new update for realKNX is not mandatory and is only useful if you’re interested in the new features and improvements. This version v4.3.10 replaced the previous update v4.2.7 which doesn’t exist anymore. Changes & new features for Snips  Snips voice Functions for the private home automation Ask for the Wi-Fi name and password – by voice. Mute by voice – realKNX will stop listening until it is unmuted – by voice. Enable and disable sound confirmation after hotword – by voice. Set the volume of the speaker and/or the audio system – by voice. Ask for current Date and […]

‘No one will ever hear your voice but you’

ProKNX announces its cutting-edge voice control solution for Home Automation with the release of realKNX Air. The release brings the next generation of voice recognition, which runs directly on-device, without cloud services and without the need of an Internet connection. We’re very proud to announce our latest product update realKNX Air. This release brings the next generation of voice recognition. It runs directly on-device, meaning no one will ever hear your voice but you. We have worked with to integrate their cutting-edge technology. Snips provides Private-By-Design, Decentralised Voice Assistant Technology. realKNX Air with Snips realKNX Air is an evolution of previous releases of realKNX, i.e. you […]

Offline Voice Control with Smarty-Vox : Privacy guaranteed!

ProKNX was first to present Siri, Alexa and Google Home voice control for KNX and now we’re proud to present the next level: offline voice control for KNX. Privacy is guaranteed! We have teamed up with Smarty-Vox for this. The Smarty-Vox solution is fully integrated with realKNX v2. The setup is faster and easier than a cloud based system – no online account is required. Note that it is possible to use Smarty-Vox with realKNX v1 (Synology) too, but it requires a few more steps!   The Smarty-Vox microphones supports up to 20 preconfigured voice commands. These are the installation steps: Plug in gateway and it will be […]

Smart Senior Living

ProKNX in the News – ‘Help’ Command for ‘Smart Senior Living’

Google Assistant Gets ‘Help’ Command for ‘Smart Senior Living’ KNX home automation system with Google Assistant allows seniors and other residents to summon help by voice or automatically through IoT events; caregivers can respond remotely with realKNX system demonstrated at ISE 2018. Continue reading:

Node-RED App Library gets a complete revamp

What can I use Node-RED for? With Node-RED you can build your own powerful applications such as a full fledged Alarm System, Feel Good lights or Voice Alarm Activation. You may think of the Node-RED App Library as an collection of recipes, each app/recipe lists the ingredients and how to use them. Quick start by downloading our ready-to-use Node-RED flow examples. Configure your devices and publish – it’s really that easy and requires no programming skills. Good to know: The Node-RED apps run locally on your realKNX mini server, that is not in the cloud! realKNX Node-RED App Library gets […]

KNX Today – ProKNX Shows RealKNX Certified for Google Assistant at ISE 2018

KNX Member Stand, Hall 9 F120, at ISE 2018 RealKNX is the first KNX device certified for Google Assistant. Just activate Google Action, and all KNX functions (lights, blinds, heating, scenes, status …) are translated for Google Assistant. Both Google Home and the mobile phones (Android + iOS) understand spoken sentences. On the other hand, it is possible to receive alerts by voice: A motion detector can “report” that someone is approaching the house. Triggering the smoke detector will alarm and indicate the escape route. With only one configuration through a ETS product database RealKNX additionally provides voice control via […]

Meet realKNX – Smart Home the easy way

We’ve launched our new website and we invite you to take a look. Here is a preview of the exciting things you will find:     Hands-free help around the house. With realKNX you can use more than one voice assistant. We make Alexa, Siri and Google Home work together. Mix as you like – realKNX make them it work together! Your all-in-one Smart Home server, your Swiss army knife. Create your own atmospheres using smart scenes. realKNX helps you track your energy habits. Get the big picture easily using smart charts. Set alarms on high power consumption. Save energy by using realKNX!

realKNX works with the Google Assistant

We’re proud to announce our realKNX smart home action now is certified by Google. The realKNX action works with the Google Assistant and the Google Home smart speakers. Simply say “OK Google, turn on the lights” or “OK Google, set the thermostat to 24 degrees”. Google Assistant speaks english, french and german amongst all.

KNX Award 2018

The KNX Award rewards the smartest KNX projects in home and building control around the world, which stand out as regards innovation and technical progress.

Finding the realKNX server

We have developed a browser application that makes it easier for you to find your realKNX server. We have tested the tool with Chrome, Firefox and Safari. With a device connected to the same network as the realKNX server(s), open the browser and type In Chrome and Firefox the scan starts immediately based on the device’s IP address. you can scan another subnet by editing ‘Subnet to search’ In Safari it is semi-automatic In Safari enter the ‘Subnet to search’ and press Search button You can find your Local IP by clicking the What is my Local IP button.

New feature in realKNX – visual programming with Node-RED

The latest addition to the realKNX feature list is the very powerful but yet easy-to-use visual programming tool Node-RED.  Node-RED is used for building automation tasks, simply by ‘wiring together’ code blocks. It uses a visual programming approach that allows wiring together predefined code blocks (known as ‘nodes’) to perform a task. The connected nodes, usually a combination of input nodes, processing nodes and output nodes, when wired together, make up ‘flows’. This visual programming approach requires no programming skills. Our customers have access to an extensive code library. The library demonstrates low level functionality as logical functions (AND/OR etc), SMS […]

New in next realKNX release: graphical programming of KNX

The next coming release of realKNX introduces a new feature which is really interesting if you want to add some logic to your KNX installation. Example: as you’re coming home, you may want to turn on some lights, but only if sunset is within an hour. You may want to receive a notification if you’re out and forgot some lights on. Then you would want to turn off all lights – remotely. Programming tasks like this usually requires some programming skills. Instead of using a scripting language for this, we’ve chosen a visual programming tool that doesn’t require any programming […]

realKNX 2.2 – Voice Control with Google Assistant/Home (new in v2.2), Alexa and Siri

Update 2017 Nov.  We’re proud to announce our realKNX smart home action now is certified by Google.   realKNX – already packed with features like voice control with Apple Siri/HomeKit and Amazon Alexa/Echo – now supports yet one more virtual assistant:  Google Assistant and Google Home device. Google Assistant is an intelligent personal assistant developed by Google.  Google Home is a smart speaker developed by Google. Siri is an intelligent personal assistant developed by Apple. Apple HomeKit is a smartphone home automation platform that allows to control smart home products with iOS apps and Siri voice commands. Siri and HomeKit is part of iOS 10. Echo […]

realKNX 2.0 – Voice Control with Alexa® and Dashboard

We’re proud to announce a major upgrade of our realKNX server! The already powerful realKNX with features like voice control with Siri and the unique augmented reality for KNX is now extended with: voice control with Amazon Alexa® using Amazon Echo or Echo Dot Dashboard, modern presentation of KNX controls and data graphs Dashboard accessible from ‘anywhere’  without VPN-client or firewall modifications. And the good news for integrators, all these features are Plug and Play. Plug it in, wait and you’re ready to go! Continue reading: realKNX – Voice Control, Augmented Reality and Dashboard