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New: VPN / WiFi router preconfigured to use your iPhone or Android Smartphone from distance (3G/Edge)



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The new KNX multifunctional actuator with runtime measurement for correct positioning


A smart, server less and low priced KNX touch panel - for set points, timers, temperature/humidity control and much more...

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Wireless Access To Your KNX / EIB Bus

with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Pronto, RTI or bitwise controls

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or login for the configuration of the classic iPhone 'ProKNX' app:








the brand new KNX proServ controller with app - click to enlarge


NEW: ProKNX is now also available for bitwise controls automation controller


full bi-directional integration of KNX in bitwise controls



ProKNX-IP gateway family for iPhone/iPad, Pronto, 

RTI, bitwise, or one for all


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KNX - proServ: 

The world's first Controller, that is configured for native iOS and Android apps just using ETS

You still need a dedicated editor or have to pay licenses or even need a separate server to visualise your KNX installation with your smart phone or tablet?

From now on you may configure the whole graphical interface of your smart phone just using ETS3f or ETS4. You will get a product database as with other KNX devices. In the parameter section you may configure zones, on/off or dimmed circuits, blinds, temperature controller, weather station or any other KNX value that you want to show. Download these into the proServ Controller and as soon as your smart phone connects it will be configured in less than two seconds.

Compatible with Apple und Android

The native apps "iknix" for iPhone and "iknix HD" for iPad are already available in app store. Shortly there will be also one for the Samsung Galaxy in Android market. Just download a copy to test it in demo mode.

No licensee necessary

The whole proServ standard software is free of charge. No need to prove the lost or replacement of your mobile device. Just download a new copy of the iknix app from one of the stores, get your device connected and have fun again with your installation as before.

10 mobile devices may control KNX at the same time

There are three iPhones, two iPads, one Galaxy tablet available in your family? No worry, the one configuration that is done with ETS will work with all of these clients. Up to ten even different devices may control be-directionally the KNX installation at the same time. Even if your guest, renter or gardener has such a device, he may use the complete or a restricted user interface according to the ETS configuration. There are several user profiles available after connecting the first time to proServ.

No training necessary

proServ is as easy to configure as any other KNX actuator or sensor. If you can handle ETS, you may configure the whole house in about an hour.

proServ presentation on Light&Building 2012

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ProKNX for "bitwise controls"

Control and automate all of your Audio/Video equipment, KNX shades, lighting, HVAC and much more. The bitwise controls IP-enabled BC4 or BC1 automation controller and the Project Editor Software give your installations the power and flexibility you've been looking for. A wide range of interface options including the BitWise Touch app for iOS and Android devices. Our ProKNX-bwc gateway allows the bi-directional communication through IP with the KNX bus. more about bitwise controls and the EIB/KNX Bus





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